The draw for the group stages of Euro 2012 took place in the Ukraine on Friday 2nd December 2011. Here it is in full.

GROUP A                        GROUP B                      GROUP C                       GROUP D


Poland                            Holland                         Spain                             Ukraine

Greece                           Denmark                       Italy                               Sweden

Russia                            Germany                       Rep. Ireland                  France

Czech Republic             Portugal                        Croatia                          England

Friday, June 8                                                                            

Warsaw, Group A: Poland v Greece (1800)

Wroclaw, Group A: Russia v Czech Republic (2045)

Tuesday, June 12                                                                     

Wroclaw, Group A: Greece v Czech Republic (1800)

Warsaw, Group A: Poland v Russia (2045)

Saturday, June 16                                                                 

Wroclaw, Group A: Czech Republic v Poland (2045)

Warsaw, Group A: Greece v Russia (2045)

Saturday, June 9                                                                      

Kharkiv, Group B: Holland v Denmark (1800)

Lviv, Group B: Germany v Portugal (2045)

Wednesday, June 13                                                               

Lviv, Group B: Denmark v Portugal (1800)

Kharkiv, Group B: Holland v Germany (2045)

Sunday, June 17                                                                       

Kharkiv, Group B: Portugal v Holland (2045)

Lviv, Group B: Denmark v Germany (2045)
Sunday, June 10                                                                       .

Gdansk, Group C: Spain v Italy (1800)

Poznan, Group C: Republic of Ireland v Croatia (2045)

Thursday, June 14

Poznan, Group C: Italy v Croatia (1800)

Gdansk, Group C: Spain v Republic of Ireland (2045)
Monday, June 18

Gdansk, Group C: Croatia v Spain (2045)

Poznan, Group C: Italy v Republic of Ireland (2045)

Monday, June 11

Donetsk, Group D: France v England (1800)

Kiev, Group D:Ukraine v Sweden (2045)

Friday, June 15

Kiev, Group D:Ukraine v France (1800)

Donetsk, Group D:Sweden v England (2045)

Tuesday, June 19

Donetsk, GroupD : Ukraine v England (2045)

Kiev, Group D : Sweden v France (2045)

The group stage draw for UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. Groups A and C will play in Poland with Groups A and D playing in Ukraine. All kick off times are in Central European Time (GMT +1). It all gets underway on Friday June 8th, so book your time off work now.

This article was commissioned by and published on http://www.euro-2012-blog.com/ . First published 12/11

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