This is a blog about football. “The Beautiful Game”, “The Peoples Game”, football is by far the most popular and most loved game on the planet. It has an almost inconceivable capacity to unite the World, bring people and cultures together, and improve and enhance lives, both players’ and fans’ alike. As the name suggests, the blog will cover football happenings around the World, from the past and the present, however it will focus on goings on in Europe and the United Kingdom.

For the current season (2011/12) I have written all the posts myself and all images used are done so on a Creative Commons license, with full credit going to the photographers via acknowledgements contained at the end of the articles. For the future of the blog though, I am keen to involve other writers and photographers. Budding writers and football fans, you can send me your articles by email to neil.b.patterson@gmail.com and, subject to approval, they will be posted on the site with full accreditation for the authors.

You can write on any subject that is football related, be it player profiles or the financial implications of the modern game, opinion pieces, match reports, transfer news, anything at all really. I’d be particularly interested in gathering articles from European and World football, from what’s happening in Ligue 1, to how the Eredivisie is shaping up or who will emerge from Africa as the next Didier Drogba.  Although I’m also keen to gather articles on  the Premier League and Championship in England, particularly those which offer an inside track on the goings-on at clubs, away from all the regurgitated rumour that circulates in the mainstream media.

So if you think you know your football and you like to get your thoughts down in print, please don’t hesitate to send in your articles. Likewise for photographers, please feel free to send in snaps you’ve taken of teams, stadiums, players and all other things football related, which you would like to see published and if I can use them, I will.

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